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Grafik von MH-IT + Service GmbH - IT Consulting und Projektmanagement aus Langenhagen
  • Team of MH-IT + Service GmbH - IT consulting and project management in Langenhagen, Germany As managing director at MH-IT+Service GmbH, I ensure that all resources for perfect customer care and a motivating working environment are available for my colleagues. The feeling that an organization is growing step by step, that the customers and employees are satisfied, and that everyone is willing to do a little more every day than the day before, makes me proud and happy. I am happy to be part of this team and to be able to contribute my more than 25 years of entrepreneurial experience to our customer projects. It is worth consideration of the risks and responsibility for customers and employees at all times in order to achieve an optimal result at the end of the day.

Our Core Team

Our team is constantly growing – and we mean that not only in terms of our employees and our exclusive partners, but, above all, in terms of the experience that we gain with each new customer project.
We are certain that every project result influences the learning curve of our client team, whether positively or negatively. In doing so, honest and timely feedback from our customers is particularly important to us and we actively ask for such feedback on a regular basis. This active and constructive communication with our customers is one of the most important pillars of our business, which we set for ourselves in every new customer project.
Our team combines their experience in a wide range of industries paired with creative problem solving and the joy of achieving goals. We bring all of this into every new project as well as commit our partner companies to work with the same energy and joy in achieving results as we do.
We are very glad to deal with any problem that our customers want solved, but are also fair so as not to take over customer projects that go beyond our core competencies. This clear communication results in more than 1,800 project days annually – and this trend is steadily increasing.

Team of MH-IT + Service GmbH - IT consulting and project management in Langenhagen, Germany

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